Chief Operations Officer

Deborah Akerele


Deborah Akerele is an accomplished Chief Operations Officer with a wealth of experience in business development and strategic planning. She has a proven track record of analyzing data and performance metrics to obtain a complete business overview, which she uses to drive growth and success for her organization.

Notable Experiences

Deborah’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain University in Downers Grove, IL. She has honed her communication and problem-solving skills through her nursing education and experience, which she applies to her role as a leader in the business world.

As a strong and effective leader, Deborah has extensive experience designing and implementing business plans, procedures, and strategies. She is skilled at setting comprehensive goals for growth and performance and has a track record of delivering outstanding results. She is adept at leading cross-functional teams and collaborating with stakeholders at all levels to achieve organizational objectives.
In addition to her expertise in business development and strategic planning, Deborah has a deep understanding of data analysis, which she uses to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement. Her leadership abilities, strategic thinking, and data analysis skills make her an asset to any organization seeking to achieve sustainable growth and success.